BAE candle
BAE candle

BAE candle

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Weight 180g - Burning time 40 hours

The Bae candle evokes the power of the ocean and the invigorating freshness of Brittany.

Place it in your home and feel the sea slowly invading the room even before you light it.


Our candles are authentic perfumer's candles, concentrated to 10% in order to enhance the olfactory intensity. The compositions are made from a unique blend of mineral, plant-based and paraffin waxes so as to allow the candle to burn evenly and guarantee the perfect diffusion of the fragrance.

Instructions for burning: When using the candle for the first time, burn it until the entire wax surface has melted. To make the most of your Lostmarc'h perfumer's candle, it is necessary to regularly cut the wick to 5 mm and make sure it remains straight and centered.

Our wax does not contain benzene, benzene derivatives, toluene, heavy metals, phthalates or CMR-classified substances. No GMOs.

Our wicks are 100% OEKO TEX-certified cotton and are adapted following combustion tests to ensure optimal burning.

Our fragrances are made in Grasse by Robertet exclusively for Lostmarc'h and rely on the same high standards used to create our fragrances. 

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