Independent perfumer inspired by Brittany

Precious & home fragrances

Independent perfumer inspired by Brittany

Precious & home fragrances

The Lostmarc'h perfume brand originates from the tip of the Crozon peninsula, where the earth, sky and sea are in constant dialog. 

This magical place inspired a range of fresh, sweet, flowery and oceanic fragrances that evoke the olfactory facets of Brittany. 

The unique, timeless nature and strong character of Lostmarc'h perfumes is the result of the passion and independence with which they have been crafted since 2006, in Rennes.


Lostmarc'h perfumes evoke Brittany, its values, history, and landscapes.

L’Apothicaire des Océans draws its inspiration from the beauty of nature and the strength of the elements, the delicacy of the flora and the richness of the earth. The ocean is its garden.

The perfumes of the Lostmarc'h collection embody a perfumery of quality and identity, custodians of a unique olfactory signature.

As true scents of the land and sea, fragrances of the oceans, they have the power to make us unique.


We are convinced that it is necessary to respect local and regional customs, by creating quality perfumes which are closely linked to us and inspired by what surrounds us.

Convinced that it is the difference that makes the richness, we are determined to produce unique, timeless perfumes with a strong identity.


The excellent craftsmanship and mastery of techniques combined with the exceptionally high-quality of the raw materials enable us to fulfil the promise of unique perfumes.

For the development of our perfumes, we have selected artisans and manufacturers based in France, with real know-how and expertise in the creation of exceptional perfumes. 

From the concentrate to the fragrance, from the bottle to the boxes, we benefit from the craftsman's tailor-made and the industrialist's high standards at each stage of the manufacturing process.


To minimize our environmental footprint and to anchor ourselves ever deeper in the heart of this inspiring nature, our formulas are pure and include no stabilizers, UV filters or dyes.

In a special partnership with Robertet, a company with over 200 years of experience, we select natural ingredients for our fragrances based on sustainable, traceable and secure sourcing. This choice of exceptional raw materials allows us to respect the authenticity and naturalness of Brittany.

Being responsible is in our nature, which is why we use 100% cardboard packaging made from a renewable and recyclable material, as well as offering our fragrances in glass bottles, again made from a natural and recyclable material.

In line with our eco-design approach, we have also carefully selected partners that prioritize the use of materials which are environmentally friendly.

For our packaging, labels and even our shipping box, our partners are selected for the particular attention they pay to environmental and social issues, as well as to the eco-design of their products.

Respectful of the planet's resources and conscious of environmental protection and sustainable development, and as part of a quality approach which integrates ecology and the preservation of the forest, some of our partners have obtained the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) Certification and Ecolabel. Others have been labelled Imprim'vert, a certification granted to printers who respect strict specifications and put in place the measures necessary to guarantee low impact printing activities on the planet and the environment.


To preserve short design and distribution channels, this website acts as the main channel of distribution for Lostmarc'h collections.

So you can touch, feel and see our creations, we have selected independent partners, like us, where you can find our two collections, Lostmarc'h pour Soi and Lostmarc'h chez Soi.

Our small, independent team takes care of the quality of the raw materials, the selection of bottles and packaging. This team takes special care in the manufacturing of our packages when you order them in order to preserve the environment and guarantee your enjoyment when receiving our collections.